Animals in the Park

Roe deer, wolves and black grouse

Big eyes, graceful gait, white rump: they are roe deer , the symbol of the Park and among the easiest animals to spot at low altitude. Other ungulates present in the Park are wild boar and deer in the woods at lower altitudes and chamois, whose habitual territory is the high prairies. In the warm season it is an everyday occurrence to see marmots, who with their sharp alarm whistles accompany the hikers' steps.

Overall, the number of animal species present in the Park is estimated at around 700 and continues to increase with the discovery of new entities. The alpine birdlife is rich and diversified, with 120 species recorded including black grouse, whose males compete on snow arenas in spring dawns. Among the most characteristic species in the skies of the Park are black woodpeckers, eagles, eagle owls, Tengmalm's owls, pygmy owls, goshawks and short toed eagles.

Among the amphibians it is worth mentioning the presence of the cave salamander: adapted to live in humid environments such as the entrance to caves, it breathes through its skin.
The fish present in the numerous waterways of the Park are mostly bullhead and trout, including some relict indigenous populations.

In the mid-1990s, the first wolves in natural dispersion from the Ligurian Apennines returned to the Park. Hunted to extinction at the beginning of the twentieth century, wolves have been a stable presence for twenty years now: shy and very difficult to spot, only the most attentive hikers will be able to spot the tracks they leave along the trails ...

Roe deer

The roe deer is the smallest ungulate in Marguareis Park, and is its the symbol.


The first stable herd in the Italian Alps has been documented in Valle Pesio.

Black grouse

Perfectly adapted to the Alpine environment, it is threatened by climate change.


The avifauna is represented in the Park with resident and migratory species.


Marguareis Park hosts four of the six species of alpine ungulate.

Other mammals in the Park

Foxes, badgers, hedgehogs, squirrels, shrews, ermines, bats: discreet and silent presences.


Animali importanti per l'ecosistema da conoscere e rispettare, troppo spesso vittime di paure infondate.


From the temporal frog to the rare geotriton, which lives at the entrance to the caves and breathes without lungs.


The wonderful waterways of the Park, rich in benthic fauna, are home to numerous fish species.


Otters were a fundamental part of alpine river ecosystems. They were found in the Marittime area until a few decades ago, then became extinct. A natural return could be around the corner.