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Spring visitors admiring the many waterfalls in upper Valle Pesio | A.Beltrame

The Marguareis Nature Park not only has extraordinary landscapes, but also an impressive hiking network, served by cosy managed refuges and simple unmanaged bivouac huts that allow you to cross the protected area while staying at high altitude, as well as to have a good lunch or a snack during the day's excursions among limestone walls, fir woods and patches of mountain pines.
In the winter season, when there is no danger of avalanches, snowshoes become the perfect way to discover the lower part of the Park, made magical by the snow.
For bike enthusiasts, there are plenty of opportunities to have fun mountain biking on the mule tracks and paths in the Park or on the paved roads with a road bike (eBike rental points). Don't miss the splendid Alta Via del Sale, a high altitude military dirt road that joins Colle di Tenda to Monesi, and the ascent to (or descent from) Passo del Duca.
Climbers can test their ability on the north faces, on classic routes (worthy of respect) that have made the history of Ligurian and Piedmontese mountaineering, in environments where solitude is still an option, offering great satisfaction (despite the rock not always being perfect).
Those who love cross-country skiing can count on a beaten track in Valle Pesio, which in the snowiest years reaches the Rifugio Pian delle Gorre.

In spring, when the roads reopen, the upper Pesio and Tanaro valleys become an ideal terrain for ski mountaineering**. Enthusiasts can leave their mark on classic routes of great beauty - taking care to cause as little disturbance as possible to wildlife, of course.


The best of the walking itineraries to be covered in one or more days, in a loop or by crossing: from family walks to trekking.


The upper Pesio and Tanaro valleys offer routes for everyone and every level of fitness, whether touring or on a mountain bike.

Snow shoes

In winter, after heavy snowfalls, the upper Pesio Valley can only be reached on skis or snow shoes.

Theme trails

Trails to highlight local features